SOA and Open Source: Enabling Cloud Computing and Vice Versa

I colleague recently forwarded me this Joe McKendrick blog, which looks at how SOA is an enabler of cloud computing and visa versa. I couldn’t help but note the synergies between SOA and open source, both of which are following parallel courses in their respective roles in cloud computing.

If cloud computing is helping to make SOA tangible to businesses, I can see how open source is making cloud computing more tangible to businesses as well. In both cases, it’s about shifting the source of computing power both in terms of portability and flexibility, and finally should offer a platform for development and interoperability for consumers.

In the end, SOA and open source is about enabling far greater dynamic environments inside organizations, allowing companies to get up and running with cloud-based IT infrastructures to provision, develop and deploy components in-house, or if they choose, allowing a vendor to do so. And on the flip side, I see cloud computing acting as a tool to educate businesses about the advantages of deploying standards-based architectures and open source applications and platforms.