Google’s SideWiki: Social Media Boon, or Web Marketers’ Nightmare?

I have been checking out the specs on Google’s latest addition to the interactive web – SideWiki.

I like the fact that Google has made an interesting move to aggregate and rank content around word-of-mouth and user-generated reviews around web pages. But, does a Yelp!-like feature for every single web page in the world really help?

I mean, sure we want to refer to like-minded people with reviews and advice around travel, electronic devices, etc. – but do we really need to be reading what people think about a web site itself?

I am sure there will be some confusion and noise stacked in SideWiki blurring the line between a web site and the content or products/services offered. This can make a marketers’ job a living hell.

Think about it – if you are getting barraged with comments – probably mostly in the negative – about your site AND your offerings in the social web, how can you prioritize?

The “analysis paralysis” concept (having too much data to decide which to move on first) existed even before this explosion of web 2.0 content. For some, this may prove too much. We can only be so nimble when it comes to catering our offerings to the most fickle of consumers.

I realize Google will throw a lot of these comments into an algorithm to determine which ones are relevant and rank them accordingly, but still, what seems like a cool tool in theory might simply be overwhelming. Could have simply been easier for Google to acquire or strike up a deal with Yelp! to add a relevant sidebar to certain sites, not all of the web.

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