Web 2.0 and E-Commerce: Sink or Swim?

Today saw an announced e-commerce integration with Magento through one of our Dutch partners, the idea being to allow users to automatically upload information such as registered customers, abandoned shopping carts and customer cases directly into SugarCRM. For only a few hundred bucks, it’s a powerful tool for SMBs looking to tie interactions on the Web back into their CRM system for account processing and/or invoicing.

But with the push of what I like to call “e-CRM,” I see integrating online shopping carts as only the beginning. Integrating Web 2.0 and other user-generated content into both online and offline marketing and feedback materials, such as product reviews, will be key. Increasingly, these are acting as facilitators where consumers can garner just as much info about a company’s product or service as they would at the businesses’ own Website.

Increasingly, I see the online benchmark by which companies are measured by as being the ability to integrate the community across the realm of different online mediums, with those that don’t sinking to the bottom of the competitive pool.