Still Not Using Social Media to Reach Customers? You Might be Missing Out

A new study by Nielson shows that the amount of time the average user spends at social networking sites has tripled over the last month.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Facebooks of the world are emerging as places where consumers and B2B prospects will go to research, interact and eventually (if not already) complete transactions.

The best thing about social media engagement is that the earliest stages have very little barrier to entry – just get your people out there. Even if there is no structured engagement strategy that is well-designed towards leading to a purchase or some other qualified event – it’s better than nothing.

Start a dedicated Facebook page, have one or two of your smartest sales guy tweeting and responding to relevant tweets around your product or service. Create a Ning page dedicated to your firm and invite customers.

It’s really that simple, and hey – it’s Friday, what else do you have to do? (Oh yeah, that pesky end of the quarter deal…)