Fast Customer Feedback Aggregation: Twtpoll

So, you created a Twitter account for your business – good.  You even started getting a strong amount of follow requests – even better. You are engaging in conversations, re-tweeting, and even seeing your tweets being RT-ed all over the place – awesome.

So, what have you taken way from all of this?  Yeah, sometimes it is hard to gain any real hard line value numbers around all of these conversations and engagements.

But, the tools are slowly popping up to make sense of these community building initiatives. Take Twtpoll for instance. This is a simple add-on to your Twitter account that allows you to quickly and somewhat non-invasively survey your Twitter community. (And if you didn’t already notice, there is an example of a Twtpool poll on the right of this page for your viewing please.)

Think about it – now you can create communities AND actually gain some neatly recorded and measurable insight around them. Or use the tool to test out ideas around new products or services.

As with a lot of these new ideas, they are…new, and come with all the growing pains of new ideas. Case in point, the Twtpoll site was down for a while this morning when I was researching the tool. So, as with all new fangled social media widgets, some trial and error period is to be expected.

But hey, either way it is a fast, cheap and most importantly an easy method of gaining some insight out of all of the noise going on around your twitter presence.