Opening Up MDM

One of our data integration partners, Talend, announced that they were adding to their data integration offerings with the industry’s first ever open source MDM (master data management) solution, technology based on their purchase of MDM vendor Amalto.

It’s a small, but noteworthy announcement, because here again you see open source opening the door for SMBs to enterprise-grade functionality. MDM (and as a subset, CDI) has, until recently, remained an IT function relegated to larger businesses with bigger budgets. But here you see Talend breaking the mold via open source for two important implications.

This is the only open source MDM offering (other than the Sun “Mural” project, whose future is unclear due to the Oracle purchase) and opens the technology up to smaller businesses looking to dip their toes in the MDM waters but don’t want to shell out millions on a proprietary MDM hub technology. It would be great to see this bring about some pricing pressure on existing MDM vendors. For a fraction of the cost, an SMB could be leveraging Sugar Community Edition sitting atop Talend’s MDM open source version and gaining the same advantages that enterprises are enjoying by breaking down the silos of customer data residing in disparate sources.

In addition, it could put pressure on other data integrators to offer their own MDM solutions, with open source once again acting as a catalyst through which to jumpstart a particular application set and lowering the TCO for customers.