Open Source and Skype: Opening the Door for SMB Call Centers

Today one of our system integrators, MyCRM GmbH, announced a new version of MyCRM’s Call Manager for Skype. The integration will allow users of Sugar to manage all communication activities with new video abilities – including documentation – and other call center duties in a single platform, hosted or on-site.

Some of the other abilities include:

– Display incoming callers name, company and call direction in Sugar and         automatically open contact or lead form

– Send SMS via Skype with caller ID

– Track SMS automatically in history panel of contact or lead

– Start a Skype chat from within Sugar

– Archive Skype chat from within Sugar

– Display Skype user status in Sugar

– Support Skype and TAPI telephony systems in a unified interface

– Connect to SNOM phones and Asterisk

In the end, combining Skype and Sugar is about lowering the infrastructure costs normally associated with call centers with improved quality and features of traditional VoIP/CRM integrations.

Its small integrations such as these that are adding up in a big way. The development of SaaS and more open VoIP-tools are making the case for the growth of call centers running in virtual, “cloud-like” environments. With unified communications (UC) and Web 2.0 being folded into the mix, for the first time you’re seeing SMBs being given the ability to deploy enterprise-grade functionality.

I see open source, Web 2.0 and unified communications continuing to converge over the next decade, driving down costs and maintenance and allowing SMBs to operate IM, SMS, voice portals, Web chat functionality, etc., alongside Web 2.0 technologies and UC applications, all integrated with a CRM system being hosted in “the cloud.”

One thought on “Open Source and Skype: Opening the Door for SMB Call Centers

  1. While Skype has received a lot of hype, I would never consider implementing it as a corporate (small business) communication tool integrated with SugarCRM. We opted instead for Digium’s Switchvox, which for us represents a much more robust voip calling option for a small business, with more functionality and integration with SugarCRM.

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