Posted in September 2009

Siemens Says Enough to SAP Support

It seems that Siemens, one of SAP’s largest customers, has said enough to bloated maintenance and licensing costs and is pushing back in an effort for to get more favorable support of their enterprise software packages. I’ve heard rumors that Siemens has been paying upwards of $50 million a year in support charges for approximately … Continue reading

The Open Cloud – It Even Works for Non-Open Source Providers

Just saw that Sage Software is finally figuring out a way to better serve its customers who have been demanding SaaS-like solutions. By leveraging elements of the open cloud – Sage is able to deliver more diverse web-based applications to end users, while also not alienating the partner network that made the company what it … Continue reading

Is Another American Icon Heading for the Dumpster?

For the last month I’ve been following a perfect, if unfortunate, example of how important it is for a company’s executive staff to be in touch with the needs of the consumer and their industry. The long awaited turnaround of Sears by hedge fund impresario Edward Lampert may never happen, and I think it has … Continue reading

One Week Until CRM Accelerations in Austin, Houston and Denver

Just another shameless plug for the SugarCRM road show – CRM Acceleration – coming to Austin on September 15, Houston September 16th and and Denver on the 17th. The events are FREE, half day intensives designed to introduce and reinforce strong CRM adoption and other best practices. They are being held at some cool venues … Continue reading

SugarCRM Can’t Buy this Kind of Publicity

Some great points on why SugarCRM is a great choice over competing CRM systems here at the K13 blog, apparently written by someone who left for Sugar Professional On Demand. The blog mainly compares Sugar to – but really any of the older multi-tenant SaaS CRM solutions could be plugged in here. The … Continue reading

The Next Evolution in Enterprise Software

As something of a follow up to my blog on software platforms, discussions in recent weeks at the CRM Evolution conference and with other industry pundits has shed some light on where the enterprise IT industry is heading in general. Just a year ago it seemed the concept of Web-based and open standard-based software being … Continue reading

Building a Business on Open Source – Levementum

This week SugarCRM was announced a winner of the coveted Bossie award. The Sugar product was named a leader in the “Best of Open Source Enterprise Software” category. This is always a great honor, being recognized as the best in what you do. But a blog post from one of SugarCRM’s key partners Levementum caught … Continue reading