SugarCRM and Google Wave – My Take

Below, Colin makes some great points about the new Google Wave technology, and what it can mean in terms of augmenting common CRM processes.

One thing I instantly thought about is how well the Sugar platform is poised to meld this type of technology. Yeah, I know, would I honestly blog about this if Sugar was NOT a good fit?

But seriously, the dashlet style interface of the Sugar home screens, as well as the simple ability to add i-frames from ANY web property inside the subpanel displays and other areas of the core modules in Sugar makes Wave an interesting candidate for some next-level mashup ideas.

Colin mentioned customer service…and to give a specific example. The Wave UI could easily be embedded in the Cases module in Sugar – allowing a customer support agent to aggregate support tickets and answer them as interactive, multi-party chats. So, instead of emailing back and forth on a one-to-one basis with customers needing help – an agent can multiply their efforts. And the data in these Wave conversations could easily be cut and pasted in Sugar’s KnowledgeBase tool.

Sales? Well, the Wave tool embedded in the Opportunities module could enable a sales rep to talk to multiple people at an Account or Prospect firm, without congesting the system with a lot of extra contact details for individuals who are part of the sales process, but not material to the Account record. Also, by engaging right inside the Sugar system, pertinent sales information like product catalog, pricing and purchase history data could easily be pulled into the Wave engagement.

Marketing is a no-brainer. The aggregation of social outreach – or social CRM as it is becoming known – could happen right in the Sugar system. Wave could help marketers better respond with personalized, or micro-targeting communications to the communities they create through social media and other suites like Twitter, all tracked and managed through Wave and embedded in the Sugar system.

We have a lot of really inventive engineers here at Sugar. I was just looking over some really cool UI ideas from one of our longer tenured engineers Majed Itani – and my mind reels when I think o all the cool stuff someone with his Sugar expertise could do with a tool like Wave embedded into the UI and process functionality of Sugar.

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