An Open Source Suite for the Little Guy

Today, SugarCRM was part of an announcement with DataSync to now offer SMBs an integrated suite of small business applications, delivering Sugar Professional, Quickbooks, Zimbra and Drupal via a cloud-based Web portal.

Here you have the ability for a small biz to get an integrated suite for email management, contact, accounting, Website management and sales, marketing and customer support via a cloud-based service that also adds the flexibility of the open source model if need be. In short, enterprise-grade functionality and integration at a fraction of the cost, and all thanks to the concept of open source and proprietary software coming together into a single platform via the cloud.

I’m not a big fan of tooting our own horn, but this is a perfect example of how open source is helping to lower the TCO of software for businesses. In addition, I also love the fact that it’s tailored for SMBs out-of-the-box. For years I’ve heard a lot from industry pundits that open source isn’t for smaller companies with little to no IT support. I see the concept of cloud computing and open source helping to buck that belief.