InsideView’s Momentum: Proof that Sales 2.0 has Moved Beyond Hype Phase?

Just saw on the wires that SugarCRM partner and sales 2.0 innovator InsideView had a very impressive third quarter. The company saw nearly 300% revenue growth versus the year ago quarter.

The fact that InsideView and other companies are starting to see real momentum leads me to believe we are seeing a major saturation point. As concepts like “social CRM” and other web-based tools flood the business world – some are sticking. The business value that InsideView brings, versus the more amorphous concepts like Twitter, are easy to track – as proven by the numbers InsideView is putting up.

InsideView has an interesting model – blending the open source and freemium models as they aggregate content from all over in a single place. When I look at the fast growth SugarCRM has seen, I think it had an easier path because CRM was an established concept in the business world. But InsideView is again impressive because it has been able to educate and saturate form a business perspective in a short time.

Glad to see the next generation of sales tools, embraced by the next generations of sales leaders.