Is the Proliferation of Social Networks Killing Social Media Marketing?

I came across a great blog, and its accompanying image, detailing the importance that social media will increasingly play in B2B marketing. As the image shows, the multitude of different mediums that B2B marketers, or for that matter, any marketer has to track is daunting.

I think it raises an interesting question, is it simply too much for any B2B marketer to handle? The proliferation of social networks has been mimicking the vast amount of print content for the past decade. In many ways, we’re seeing a parallel of the print market in a digital form.

As these smaller networks pop up, some marketers might feel overwhelmed. But I also see it as an opportunity for marketers to better segment and target their energies and resources. Many of these mediums are easy slam dunks when it comes to reaching out to a large, captivating audience, others are more difficult. The key is not trying to nail all of them, but to stay ahead of the curve, as many of these quickly fade into the annals of Internet history.

Like always, it’s about doing your best as a marketer to judge what resources are best allocated to those mediums that promise the most return on investment. And that should always be driven by your customers.