Tough Economic Times Brings With It CRM “Band-Aids”

Based on recent comments from Hewlett-Packard management, many industry pundits are predicting 2010 to be a good year for IT spending. This is article cites the need for many businesses to replace outdated software and hardware deployments that predate Y2K.

Along those same lines, we’re seeing a trend develop here at SugarCRM: the use of 2nd generation CRM solutions as a “Band-Aid” for older, outdated applications. In other words, using applications like SugarCRM as a desktop, metadata management solution that outdated ERP, order management, or older versions of legacy CRM applications feed into so end users get the benefit of a fresh interface and improved functionality.

It’s an interesting problem companies are facing. Tough economic times mean businesses can ill afford to spend the money and time ripping out and replacing entire systems altogether. So rather than replacing these dinosaurs outright, they’re turning to companies like ourselves to act as the desktop interface for the end users, with data being feed into them in real-time.

I see the open source model, standards-based APIs and Web services really starting to act as the catalyst by which businesses are starting to accomplish quick fixes such as these.