Multi-Dimensional CRM Wins Accolades for SugarCRM User 3DConnexion

The CRM Expo in Nurnberg, Germany is one of the largest CRM trade shows in the world, and definitely the biggest annual CRM event in the EU. So, it was a great honor for us at SugarCRM to hear that for the third straight year, one of our customers was named a winner for the coveted CRM Best Practices award.

3D Connexion makes optical and 3D peripherals for all types of use, such as CAD and GIS design scenarios. The company has offices all over the world, and is a subsidiary of peripherals giant Logitech. Pretty cool stuff.

Being a global technology provider, with a variety of channels and touch points with customers – 3D Connexion required a CRM system with as many dimensions as its business. So, the company worked with SugarCRM partner Insignio to develop a multi-channel CRM strategy based on a core Sugar platform. The CRM system involves integrations with an e-commerce system and a portal, while also running in seven languages.

The result – a single system managing online sales alongside traditional sales people, aligned with service departments to provide an exceptional customer experience. (And don’t forget the added intelligence on top of all this thanks to the robust Sugar reporting capabilities…)

It is great to see organizations like 3D Connexion taking Sugar to the next level, with help from our amazing partners like Insignio.