Segmenting in Social Networking is Here…Now What?

Just read an article that social networking tools like Twitter and LinkedIn are allowing users to create lists to better segment their networks.

Yeah, and?

While there is some benefit to being able to understand the demographics of your social networks – what is more important in my opinion is the ability to quickly take action based on these segments.

As far as I know – Twitter does not allow you to easily segment messages and send to a large portion of followers, but not all. And of course, more than two or three “@ replies” to individuals and you’ve used up all your message space.

I believe a great tool for corporate Twitter users – and a potential revenue stream for Twitter – would be a segmenting tool that allows you to create segmenting rules, with relevant messages for those segments.

For sites like LinkedIn – I see the segmenting as a little more valuable from a sales perspective. Sales users could aggregate connections at companies that match their key target markets, and prioritize them inside their CRM with tools like Sugar’s LinkedIn connector.

But finally, while we are making progress, we are still on the front end of the true promise of social CRM.

2 thoughts on “Segmenting in Social Networking is Here…Now What?

  1. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of uses spring up around Twitter’s Lists. I think it’s smart of Twitter to be vague as to what the real applications of the feature are and instead are letting the users (and app developers) determine the outcome.

    This ties into my inherent problem with the concept of social CRM. Too many people are trying to define it and determine how it works while true social CRM can only occur when tools are created within a CRM environment to allow creativity to spur and the ecosystem of users and applications defines the experience.

  2. I agree this social media such as twitter and linkedin could have great use if they provide market segmenting information. This would not be hard in linkedin where you could possible develop an application for it. You would just need to gain a lot of users of the application for it to be valuable.

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