Social CRM and the Value of Measuring a Customer’s Attitude

I heard a lot about how social media is driving a social revolution that businesses are being forced to react to. Paul Greenberg, among others, has highlighted this extensively in the past.

The idea is to create value from what businesses learn about customers at the social and emotional level, or to put another way, social CRM is in a prime position to measure the attitudinal data that CRM systems currently fail to gauge…and then applying that insight to the business. The concept of social media simply denotes a new way of doing it, and not simply looking at social CRM as a new medium by which to communicate with customers.

I’ve also heard a lot of talk about how this information should drive businesses to personalize the experience not necessarily on a one-by-one basis but rather to certain segments.

In the end, I think we still have a ways to go before the concept of sentiment or emotional analysis is ready for mass adoption, but we’re getting there. Sentiments and emotional measurements is the next frontier, but the technology still has a ways to go. Last but not least, and as is the case with CRM, it will come down to the people and processes before it will be about the technology.

2 thoughts on “Social CRM and the Value of Measuring a Customer’s Attitude

  1. Colin,
    Great insight! Social Media is making possible for Enterprise to collect and analyze customers sentiments toward their products and/or services at a very low cost, and quite high authenticity, compared with traditional Market Research methods, even though the traditional methods are still very valuable to zoom on specifics.
    The challenges are in development of understanding to what we need to measure to make a real impact on financial performance, and even more important – how do we change business processes and practices to make this impact a reality.
    The Social CRM strategy can now integrate Market Research and Competitive Intelligence methodologies under it’s umbrella.

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