Are You a SugarCRM Fan in the EU? Check us Out in London and Munich next week.

It’s been a hectic week here at Sugar HQ…lots of awesome stuff going on. A really great partnership with Open-Xchange was announced, and some great partner-driven events are going on in Copenhagen and Lyon, France.

Speaking of events in Europe – SugarCRM is putting on two great CRM Acceleration events in both London and Munich next week. The events provide insight into the present and future of CRM (including all this crazy social CRM stuff we’ve been going on about here at Outsiders), and talk about CRM as a platform, the Open Cloud, and will also include some use-cases and best practices advice.

You can register for the London event being held Tuesday here. Register here for the Munich event taking place on Thursday October 29.

Hope you can attend, as these are promising to be great events for anyone interested in Sugar or CRM in general.