Getting to the Decision Makers with Social Media

In the world of B2B selling…such as selling CRM software to the head of IT at a business…I’ve watched as salespeople will jump through hoops to try to gain access to the decision marker. Whether it’s the VP of technology, a business’ COO or a director, the ability to gain access to the person with the final say is time well spent.

But how can social media play into gaining that access? I think by and large decision makers are more than happy to spend some time with a salesperson as long as it’s time well spent, and especially with those that share their same interests…interests that usually float around similar media circles.

When it comes down to it, if a salesperson has something valuable to offer and believes in building a relationship vs. simply building an account, I think we’ll see the concepts of social CRM start to go a long way towards ending the days of cold calling.

3 thoughts on “Getting to the Decision Makers with Social Media

  1. I have already concluded that my favorite way to leverage social media is as a means of access, exactly as you say. I’ve even been contacted BY decision makers I wasn’t even reaching out to simply because of a tweet or comment I left here or there. It is no substitute for phone and in person, but in terms of establishing a line to industry leader X, it’s an invaluable tool.

  2. Social media has enabled access to key people that previously stone walled any approach. Most express surprise that many attempts were made to contact them through postal mail, e-mail, phone, and in person. Even though they were open to, if not actively seeking, our auto repair website marketing products, they often had an undiscriminating protective wall that blocked all avenues of contact. Social media has allowed us to broadcast to a very targeted market. The main difference is that it is the prospect who decides to make the initial contact.

  3. I have had a few prospects reach me through social media. I have found if there are groups related to an industry or market, and you are able to take a consultative approach it can be effective.

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