Posted in November 2009

Social Identity Tracking – Beyond “Googling”

A lot of us here at SugarCRM have been following the social media craze from different angles. Some are following with great interest, some with enthusiasm, and others with a touch of practical skepticism. I think I may fall into all camps. We had an email discussion around some new social media tools over the … Continue reading

It’s Official: Larry Augustin Full Time SugarCRM CEO

It’s one thing to have a proven business leader at the helm of your ship. It is another thing to have the most influential man in open source heading up your commercial open source company. It’s official – Larry Augustin has taken on the full time role as CEO here at SugarCRM. Larry has been … Continue reading

Integrating Data into SugarCRM? Want a Guide?

Just saw a nice blog advertising a free download for an integration white paper focused specifically on bringing third party and other legacy data into your Sugar deployment. Good stuff. Integration is one of those areas that always creeps up in CRM deployments. It is also one of the areas where hidden, or not so … Continue reading

Collecting Questions: CRM and ERP Integation

I am going to be recording a webcast with open source ERP provider Compiere, and SugarCRM partner Levementum focused on the business benefit of integrating your CRM and ERP. While a lot of the pros of bringing together purchase data and customer data seems obvious – it is not always a simple endeavor. So, if … Continue reading

SugarCRM and webappVM – Making the Open Cloud Easy

So, you know you need application software like CRM in your business. But you also know that you don’t want to deal with provisioning servers, tuning hardware, and all around maintaining an application stack on your site. However, you don’t want to simply give up control of your application to a SaaS vendor. Enter cool … Continue reading