CRM Integration Poll – ERP and E-Commerce Clear Winners

I ran a poll on Outsiders for the past month asking what systems you readers felt was the most important to link with your CRM. Thanks to all who participated.

Looking over the results – it is clear that ERP and E-Commerce are the main areas where people see the benefits of an integrated approach to their business processes. Both ERP and e-commerce took 32% of the votes each.

I am inclined to agree with the poll respondents. SugarCRM’s partners have been doing a lot of great stuff around linking Sugar with both e-commerce tools, as well as great ERP solutions such as Compiere. I’ll have some more info on this exact topic to share soon.

Other systems included in the poll were content management systems (CMS) – which received 20% of the votes, and project management which grabbed eight percent of the votes.

There were some write-in candidates, so to speak. The clear winner was “email.” And I guess it was my bad for not including email/Outlook as an option. My defense: I think most of us old salts in the CRM world simply assume any valid CRM tool will work with your email system.

Google Sites was also brought up as a potential integration point with a CRM system. This tells me that while we have not really seen critical mass around the Google Docs and other offerings, it is on the minds of a lot of people – and could be an interesting area of innovation in the CRM world soon.

The most interesting item not mentioned?  Social media. Surprised (or maybe not) that no one thought these tools should be integrated into CRM.

Thanks again for participating, and I’ll have a new poll up shortly.