SugarCRM and Tata Communications – Expanding the Open Cloud

One of the great things about truly open applications like Sugar is that they were “cloud-ready” before the cloud was even a buzzword. While the old SaaS companies try to steal the cloud hype for themselves, solutions like Sugar are truly powering the Open Cloud.

The result: global, flexible CRM solutions in a number of flavors, all available to end users at any time. This is the first case where a CRM platform is leveraging the cloud in its true form. Instead of simply pushing one version of an application to end-users, Sugar and its partners are creating a myriad of cloud-powered Sugar solutions.

Take Tata Communications, for example. The company will be offering cloud-powered versions of SugarCRM to customers in the India region. Sure, SugarCRM is already in the Indian market, and sells SaaS software to that market. But Sugar sees the value of the Open Cloud, and understands that Tata can bring more value to the businesses in that region with a local, cloud-powered application.

Tata is just one of the many exciting developments Sugar will be revealing in coming months as it expands its Open Cloud initiative. With more players comes more choice; with more choice comes greater CRM for different verticals and geographies. In short, when the cloud is open, the customer wins.

One thought on “SugarCRM and Tata Communications – Expanding the Open Cloud

  1. Surely with this CRM community will get stronger. Tata & SugarCRM combine will make presence of this popular open source CRM more pronounced. It will attract more and more users and particularly large CRM users to Sugar.
    The advance feature of Sugar cloud will be definite advantage to Users. Hope CRM users will receive this well.

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