SugarCRM and webappVM – Making the Open Cloud Easy

So, you know you need application software like CRM in your business. But you also know that you don’t want to deal with provisioning servers, tuning hardware, and all around maintaining an application stack on your site. However, you don’t want to simply give up control of your application to a SaaS vendor.

Enter cool startup webappVM. These guys make it easy to run your critical applications on cloud environments like Amazon EC2 or Rackspace. You get all the benefits of housing the app on your own servers – control, access etc. – without having to actually own the hardware. Cool.

These guys do some other cool stuff, like really nifty version controls that enable a user to really quickly roll back to a previous version (say, for when an IT guy upgrades your CRM system three days before end of quarter and all hell breaks loose).

What’s more, webappVM is even open sourcing a developer edition. I see a cool connection between a great open source cloud management tool and SugarCRM’s Community Edition. Imagine a fully cloud-powered open source platform.  WebappVM has already done some proof of concepts using Community Edition.

This is all great news – more choices and greater flexibility in the cloud…