Collecting Questions: CRM and ERP Integation

I am going to be recording a webcast with open source ERP provider Compiere, and SugarCRM partner Levementum focused on the business benefit of integrating your CRM and ERP. While a lot of the pros of bringing together purchase data and customer data seems obvious – it is not always a simple endeavor.

So, if you would like to have your questions addressed, please drop me a line in the comments section. Or you can simply hot me up on Twitter @CRMOutsiders as well.

The questions can be generic to CRM and ERP – or if you have a specific question about Sugar and Compiere – that’s also welcomed. The experts on hand will be happy to answer them in full.

I’ll have more information on the webcast soon, so you can tune in to the whole integration discussion.

2 thoughts on “Collecting Questions: CRM and ERP Integation

  1. Currently my Company is integration SUGAR CRM with COMPIERE ERP.
    The version of Sugar CRM is NOT the most current.
    My cuestion is: Can I upgrade my Sugar CRM to version 6.0, without affecting the integration with Compiere.
    Thanks for your quick response.

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