Integrating Data into SugarCRM? Want a Guide?

Just saw a nice blog advertising a free download for an integration white paper focused specifically on bringing third party and other legacy data into your Sugar deployment. Good stuff.

Integration is one of those areas that always creeps up in CRM deployments. It is also one of the areas where hidden, or not so hidden costs creep in to the TCO. This is one of those areas where Sugar really does make more sense than older (or overpriced) CRM solutions.

In a lot of ways, the money you save with the low subscription for Sugar professional could in some instances pay for the data integration service that makes your CRM system all the more powerful.

It sounds like marketing BS – but it is true. Think about your CRM budget for end user access/licenses. Now, what if you could cut that budget in half, and spend the other 50% making that CRM system unique to your business? It’s about moving from tactical to strategic, without an increase in costs – there’s the real value of commercial open source CRM.

If you are presently using your CRM tool as a stand-alone system – check out the white paper. Maybe you can find some low cost or open source integration tools to get you to the next level of CRM maturity. Or, if you are currently integrating different data sets, maybe there is a new tip or trick you can learn.