It’s Official: Larry Augustin Full Time SugarCRM CEO

It’s one thing to have a proven business leader at the helm of your ship. It is another thing to have the most influential man in open source heading up your commercial open source company.

It’s official – Larry Augustin has taken on the full time role as CEO here at SugarCRM. Larry has been interim CEO since May – but his roots in Sugar go back to 2005. And of course, Larry’s roots in open source go back to, well, before open source was even known as “open source.”

I have known Larry for many years, and had the pleasure of interacting with him a lot while I was an analyst at the 451 Group and helping to get the firm’s open source practice off the ground. Larry was a great resource then, as he has been over the past several months as we’ve worked together on a more direct level.

Larry simply brings a ton of experience, and a deep understanding of where software is going. A quick chat he had with CRM Magazine gives a good inclination of how well Larry understands how cloud computing, and open source are converging to change the software landscape. And Larry has helped us insure SugarCRM is a huge part of this new and growing software landscape.

The next year is going to be one of the most exciting for SugarCRM. There is a lot of great news on the horizon on all fronts, and it is great to have a seasoned veteran like Larry on board steering the ship into the bright future.