Posted in December 2009

Why I Like Microsoft in the Clouds

It is odd to see a company filled with open source wonks excited about working closely with Microsoft. However, the guys in Redmond have a pretty strong vision for cloud computing in Azure – one that I personally feel is different than anyone making a major play for the cloud today. Why? Well, for a … Continue reading

Check out Sugar 5.5 (Now in GA Form)!

It has been a busy week here as usual at Sugar HQ, but especially so as we made Sugar 5.5 generally available this week. Sugar 5.5 has a lot of the typical “cool stuff” one expects for a major product release. The Mobile Studio Editor may be my favorite. SugarCRM has made mobile apps a … Continue reading

There is no Excuse Not to be Deploying CRM

I had an interesting IM conversation with Sugar associate Mitch Lieberman based on a blog post he wrote the other day. The post was around CRM complexity – but what sparked my imagination was a point in somewhat the opposing direction. Yes, technology can be complex and at times frustrating. And in years past, technology … Continue reading