A New Must-Read for any SugarCRM Developer or User

One of our own Sugar experts, John Mertic, has placed all the knowledge of SugarCRM he has acquired over the years into a great application guidebook.

The book is a must read for anyone looking to leverage the Sugar platform for any number of reasons. End users can get a better idea of how the product operates, becoming power users in their organization. Developers can gain insight on loads of customization techniques, and also more high-level methods of extending the platform.

Of course, everything these days is about the “cloud” or “social.” And John includes tips and tricks for leveraging the Sugar platform to bring in data from social networks and other social media, as well as other developer how-tos.

Congratulations John on a job well done in putting together this book. It is yet another tool Sugar developers and users have at their disposal inside the Sugar Universe. Kudos.

One thought on “A New Must-Read for any SugarCRM Developer or User

  1. At $52 dollars youd have to be a crazy man to buy this. Why cant it be more reasonably priced? In the end nobody benefits because it will be available free in an instant

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