Check out Sugar 5.5 (Now in GA Form)!

It has been a busy week here as usual at Sugar HQ, but especially so as we made Sugar 5.5 generally available this week.

Sugar 5.5 has a lot of the typical “cool stuff” one expects for a major product release. The Mobile Studio Editor may be my favorite. SugarCRM has made mobile apps a simple decision for businesses for a while now – we simply allow users to extend to mobile for free. Now, with the Mobile Studio – users can create more customized mobile experiences for either streamlined or other purpose-built mobile use.

The Dynamic Teams are great – giving greater sales, marketing and support collaboration capabilities to Sugar users. And the new password management features make it easier for users to manage their passwords, and eases the burden on admins (oh, and increases the security of the app as well).

From a deeper infrastructure level – Sugar has updated its SOAP APIs and is now supporting REST. So, the integration story around Sugar is better than ever – easier and more powerful integrations. Nice. I am already dreaming up some big e-commerce ideas for the RESTful services.

Perhaps the best part of Sugar 5.5. is what you can’t see, or use as a feature. The Sugar engineering team took a long time to inspect the existing Sugar product and simple “make it better” in a lot of ways…this relates to features but also the user experience in general.  And this is just the start of some really great product news and developments coming in 2010, stay tuned…

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