CRM Sabotage! Or, How to Avoid Adoption Black Holes

A short and sweet list of five common ways sales managers sabotage CRM deployments over at CRM Buyer, written by Chris Bucholtz got me thinking. Chris lists some pretty good issues that can derail a deployment – but I’d argue some of them are a little more nefarious than some other common reasons.

One reason for adoption failures that is hinted at in Chris’ piece is around feeling “compelled to use every feature.”  I would dump this into a larger, and more potentially dangerous issue for a CRM system. If a company does not align its CRM technology with its overarching CRM journey – it can fall into an adoption abyss.

We have rallied around “start small!” and “phased approaches!” type catchphrases for CRM – but this is only half of the story. Yes, it is important not to bite off more than you can chew, but I would put it more like walking before you run.

Perhaps a cliche’, but CRM is not about technology, and simply throwing software (no matter how awesomely robust it is or easy to use, cough cough) will only exacerbate the real issue – lack of customer-centricity.

If you are brand new to CRM – take the time to think about how you see your customers. Think about how you would like them to see you. Pencil out some ideal scenarios, and the steps needed to get there.

By aligning your goals with a phased, easy to digest plan – you can then see how to plug in helpful technology to automate the processes that gives your company the ability to be the best you can be for your customers.

4 thoughts on “CRM Sabotage! Or, How to Avoid Adoption Black Holes

  1. Martin – Great post – I did have to Google what the word ‘nefarious’ meant though!
    I have been involved in many adoption phases of CRM now and positive change in behavior have only occurred once the correlation between ‘relationship’ & ‘connecting’ is highlighted to our sales staff.
    Many of the good sales people choose that job because of those two elements.
    Words like Automation, Pipeline, Forecast just put them to sleep!

  2. Very well stated. I know that when the company I was with migrated to a new CRM system, they did not migrate their mindset. No matter how good the technology you have to shift gears mentally.

    I am glad that you are pointing this out to save the pitfalls experienced by others when switching.

  3. I am new to the CRM. Our techniciens work on the database and i just use it without evening know how it’s set up. I think the tip you gave there was good and can make me also have a contribution vto make as far as our CRM is concerned

  4. Yup, you just can’t buy your way out of trouble using CRM software. It’all about aligning the company strategy in identifying, acquiring and retaining customers. and setting priorities and come up with action plans to achieve these goals.

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