SugarCRM & KnowledgeTree: Another Great Choice for CRM and Content Integration

Wanted to give a quick shout to the folks at iNet Process – who have made a very cool integration between SugarCRM and KnowledgeTree. The combined connection tool is called iNet Docs and is available now.

I hear a lot of questions at events and CRM Accelerations especially around the concept of content management and CRM integration. The type of seamless connection between all a salesperson’s critical documents like quotes, contracts and sales collateral with the CRM process and data makes life a LOT easier for the rep.

In addition, the ability to centralize and manage documents in a single system – with a complete audit trail, aids managers in their day-to-day work as well. And as compliance becomes an issue more and more these days, tools like iNet Docs can help insure that every sales rep is on board.

Compliance, collaboration, and simply making life easier…good stuff.

One thought on “SugarCRM & KnowledgeTree: Another Great Choice for CRM and Content Integration

  1. I agree with you that the CRM process makes day to day life in the company much easier especially when you are with or in charge the customer service department

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