Posted in January 2010

Evolve Your CRM at SugarCON 2010!

SugarCON 2010 is officially upon us – insofar as nothing is official without a press release. This year’s event is already proving to be bigger and better than ever. More tracks, more speakers, more fun, more…everything. Stay tuned for some awesome keynotes, and be sure to check out the session tracks on the agenda page. … Continue reading

Poll Results: Low CRM Adoption or Lots of Opportunity?

In my latest Outsiders monthly poll I asked the blog readership and the Twitterverse at large what NON-CRM system they are most using in their organizations.  Here was the breakout: 43% – Email/Spreadsheets 22% – Online data Service (Hoover’s, InsideView, Jigsaw etc.) 18% – Social Network (Facebook, LinkedIn) 12% – Twitter 4% – Other OK, … Continue reading