From the SugarCRM Shameless Plug Dept.

It is already shaping up to be a crazy week here at Sugar HQ. All employees are in town for a week of meetings – as we prepare to continue our record growth into 2010.

So, needless to say – this week will be a quiet one for Outsiders. Speaking of Outsiders, the blog was named one of the top 20 CRM blogs of 2009 by Forecasting Clouds, a new media outlet managed by a very bright CRM observer Chris Bucholtz.

Interestingly enough, Outsiders was not the only SugarCRM-related blog named to the list. Mitch Lieberman, who leads Sugar’s professional services team, has a blog called A Title Would Limit my Thoughts that came in at number 20 on the list. The blog is worth adding to your blog reader, as Mitch has been in the CRM and app software game a long time, and has a lot of insight in terms of learning from the past as we move into areas like social and cloud computing.

To keep the plug rolling – Mitch is also up for a speaking slot at the Enterprise 2.0 conference coming up in Boston this June. To get Mitch on the confirmed list – vote for his session here. Mitch’s session topic is all about how large businesses can learn from smaller firms about what it really means to be “social.” Too many large firms are looking to leverage technology as a social proxy – but can they really emulate the kind of strong personal service smaller B2B firms can provide? You need to vote for Mitch’s session to find out…

OK, enough with the shameless plugs…time to get rolling on kicking off 2010 Sugar-style…

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