Monkeying Around With MailChimp? Link it to Sugar!

There is no shortage of cool integrations and mashups tied in to SugarCRM. But I just saw that a great member of the Sugar community Josh Sweeney has created a nice integration between MailChimp and SugarCRM.

Why is this cool? Well, Josh has been one of those guys that understood the real value of social media as it pertains to CRM early on. MailChimp allows you to manage contact lists that may or may not be in a CRM system (In Twitter data, social networks, etc.)  – and then create and send email marketing campaigns to them in a simple fashion.

You’re probably saying, “So? SugarCRM has its own email marketing campaigns…” True. But in my opinion, being able to sync very exhaustive lists across contact databases is a huge thing. For many, the CRM system is where Customers live. Contacts, cold leads, partners etc. sometimes do not and should not make it into a CRM system until they are warm or hot leads at the very least. Keeping a CRM system free from noise can be a good idea.

That’s where MailChimp integration comes in. Think about it – you can manage lists from inside and outside SugarCRM, execute campgins inside or outside Sugar – and basically keep in touch with your entire network in a multi-faceted manner, without worrying about overlapping messages or placing the wrong contacts into a potential sales process that they are either not ready for, nor should they ever be in.

Cool stuff, keep up the great work Josh…

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