Posted in February 2010

What if Twitter Went Away?

I just had a series of great calls with analysts today, including the always erudite Denis Pombriant. And I also met with the founders of a cool new company called BeRelevant. Both these meetings got me thinking, as usual. Denis and I had a great talk about getting back to the business value of CRM … Continue reading

SugarCRM Storms CeBIT!

Just a shout out to all of the German and EU at large readers of Outsiders who are attending CeBIT this year. SugarCRM will be well represented at the event – with some of our partners showing off cool integrations and customer success stories. Sugar partner PSTech will be exhibiting its Sugar/Cisco integration – powering … Continue reading

Know the Future of Open Source? Let us Know!

I often forget these days how the world of technology used to be…closed systems, expensive and exhaustive buying cycles, frustrating integration scenarios. It’s amazing that in just about a decade, open source was able to supplant entrenched industry leaders in many sectors, and continues to disrupt and force major re-thinking across every IT sector. But … Continue reading

Remember, Social CRM is About Employees, Too!

I have been reading a lot of Esteban Kolsky’s writing these days. And not just because he is going to be participating in the social media track at SugarCon this year. Esteban makes a lot of great points about how concepts like Enterprise 2.0 bleed into a total Social CRM – or really any “customer-centric” … Continue reading

Social Media Trumps Sales Force Expansion in Monthly Poll

In my monthly Outsiders poll, I asked the question “What will be your largest sales and marketing project in 2010?” The choices for answers were: Building Out Sales Force; Traditional CRM Deployment; Social Media Strategy Development; Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy and “Other.” I may preach the importance of leveraging social media and engaging with customers across … Continue reading