Know the Future of Open Source? Let us Know!

I often forget these days how the world of technology used to be…closed systems, expensive and exhaustive buying cycles, frustrating integration scenarios. It’s amazing that in just about a decade, open source was able to supplant entrenched industry leaders in many sectors, and continues to disrupt and force major re-thinking across every IT sector.

But where is it all going? Has open source simply become the de facto way of doing business in some form or another?  Can anyone survive without some form of “open” in their business model?

Or, do you feel “open” isn’t a business model at all?

Well, you can have your opinions heard in this year’s “Future of Open Source” survey…

North-Bridge Venture partners is again sponsoring this survey – which seeks to determine where all this open stuff is headed in the next year. So, have your opinions heard, and come see the results of the survey at OSBC next month at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco (also where SugarCon is being held in April – shameless plug alert…)

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