SugarCon Spotlight Series – 10 Things You Didn’t Know YOU Could Do with Sugar

We are in the home stretch leading into SugarCon, the biggest CRM event of the year (as far as I’m concerned).It’s going to be an amazing event.

Originally, I wanted to do a series of posts a-la Steven Colbert’s “Better Know a District” which highlighted every session we were putting on. Then, I realized that a) there are all told about ONE HUNDRED sessions (yes, 100) and b) there are only about 30 or 40 bloggable (is that a word?) days left until SugarCon.

So, instead I decided to pick about 30 of the sessions I am most looking forward to and give them a shout out. So, here is the SugarCon Spotlight for today:

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With SugarCRM

I always like hands-on, “in the app” sessions at conferences. The way I see it – if you’re paying to attend a tech conference, you should come away with a few things that change your life for the better. A lot of what will be revealed in this session will do just that.

While some amazing new features in Sugar will be revealed over the course of SugarCon, there are still a ton of cool tips and tricks in the present edition that can increase productivity, drive adoption, or simply make your CRM initiative that much better.

Presenter Susie Williams is a Sugar star, so I know she will have a lot of awesome stuff to demonstrate. (Knowing Susie, this might have to be renamed 11 or 12 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With SugarCRM.)

Hope to see some of you at this session…and if you haven’t registered yet, you can easily sign up at the SugarCon site.