SugarCon Spotlight: Navigating SugarCRM

OK, here is day two of my SugarCon Spotlight series, highlighting what I feel will be some of the “can’t miss” sessions at SugarCon.

Today’s Pick:  Navigating Sugar – Less Clicks, More Action

Now, every single CRM system will tell you – “hey, our CRM system has every feature in the world – AND it’s easy to use!”

They’re lying.

The simple fact is that we have built up some pretty darn amazing features into the CRM suites offered today. It is a lot to digest for a new CRM suer, and some old CRM salts can get lost.

But, with a sesssion like this, you can learn some shortcuts, productivity tips, and other ways to get around in the system without getting bogged down on forms, screens, views etc. that are not conducive to completing your daily tasks.

To boot, the session is presented by my good friend and senior director of product management Jason Nassi – who has lead the support team (among other roles) in his many years here at Sugar. Jason knows the app inside and out, and is the epitome of a power user.

I hope you can catch the session.  If you have yet to register for the event, you can quickly sign up here.

After attending Jason ‘s session your Sugar navigation will go from:


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