SugarCon Spotlight: Campaign Management in SugarCRM

CRM systems are great at traditional sales automation, and many are pretty strong in terms of providing customer support and service automation tools. But in my opinion, the area where a lot of CRM deployments stall is in the marketing department.

I think this is the case for two reasons. One – marketing is still taking shape as a science, having been more of an “art” for some time. Ideas around measurement, and more internally managed processes are somewhat new. Think about it – ten years ago you would simply hire an Ad firm, they’d draw up some designs, you insert them in trade magazines, and you cross your fingers. Or you had a designer put a catalog together and you bulk mailed it to everyone in your contact list.

In short – marketing effectiveness was unmeasurable at best.

But now, it is pretty easy to segment your contact lists, create unique and relevant email messages that look great, and execute those campaigns within a few hours. Oh, and you can measure the effectiveness of those campaigns against revenue or other goals.

The best part – this is all done in a single system,  and can be done in some cases by a single person. Oh, and email campaigns cost a lot less than shipping tons of bulky catalogs…

That is why I feel this session is a must see for anyone looking to take their marketing initiatives in Sugar to the next level:

Closing the Loop: Simple Campaign Management

Reem Bazzari – who works on my team and is an amazing resource – will lead this session. She is our campaign execution wiz – and can show you how to get up to speed with a few simple tips.

Closing the loop between your marketing initiatives and sales activities – with measurable results – is a huge advantage to any organization. If you’re taking the first steps, or simply looking for some refreshers, this session is going to be packed with useful info.

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