SugarCon Spotlight: Become a Sugar Reports Master!

Before delving into my continued spotlights on some key SugarCon sessions, I wanted to thank Mitch Lieberman for stepping in and adding some great ideas, opinions and observations on outsiders. Welcome, Mitch.

OK, now, one of the things I used to love/hate about CRM systems was the reporting. Or I should note – the lack of reporting capabilities. Or the ease with which one could pull useful data out of the CRM system.  Or something – all I know is, it was frustrating. After all – what good is a CRM system (or at least making your employees and partners enter customer, product and other data) if you can’t make sense of it?

Sugar Reports are powerful tools. And the company has worked hard over the years to bring deep reporting capabilities down from the heights of business analysts and other people who never return your email requests. It takes a bit of getting used to, but after a bit of practice, even you (yes, you) can become a report-running wizard in SugarCRM.

Now – if you happen to catch my friend Ryan Meeker’s session at SugarCon, this process will happen at a much faster pace. Ryan is leading up a talk called:

Measure Everything: Building Effective CRM Reports

To put it in perspective, Ryan is on the team that manages all the sales operations, license key disbursements and other customer-facing activities at Sugar. In short, Ryan LIVES in Sugar reports. He can spin up a new report to find customers in a certain industry, in a certain geography, who have more than 16 users of Sugar, who deployed in an On-Demand fashion over the past 17 weeks, in about 3 minutes. Or, he can take existing reports and make them even more powerful, with a few clicks.

So, if you feel like there is some untapped potential in your CRM data – come get the keys to unlock that valuable information – with some help from Ryan at SugarCon.