SugarCon Speaker Spotlight: Talend

In a perfect world, we would begin our CRM implementation the first day we start our business. And we’d have just one system of data to deal with when it came to marketing, selling and providing support to our customers.

We all know that is a pipe dream. The reality is that we all have several, some of us dozens, of systems collecting customer data. In order to generate any sort of value from that data, we need to integrate those systems into our CRM system.

The growing issue? Well, again for many of us, we are consuming applications more and more as a service. That means the data we are collecting is no longer on our servers, but “out in the cloud.” It could create an integration issue, but luckily there are great companies like Talend that make integrating in the cloud easy.

I touched base with Talend’s Parham Parvizi, who is heading a session on unlocking the value of your customer data at SugarCon, to discuss the value of integration and how the cloud is effecting businesses of all sizes:

How has cloud computing affected the concept of data integration?  Has it made it easier, or more complex?

Cloud computing has definitely made data integration easier. Now it’s much easier and faster to develop test cases, sand boxes, etc… I definitely appreciate the cloud ease of use for a quick proof of concept applications. Also in data integration, cloud offers a great feature set for having on demand computing power.

Does open source integration open up the possibility of true interoperability to more business segments? (smaller businesses, etc.)

Yes, no smaller users can benefit from the power of ETL with virtually no budget at all. Using Talend Open Studio, users can benefit from the full connectivity of Talend ETL and develop far complex integration jobs. Then if the project grows and they need more automation features, they can upgrade to Talend’s commercial license such as Talend Integration Suite.

Can next generation integration technologies help bring more unstructured data into structured systems like CRM in a meaningful way?

Not in next generation, but available now, Talend users can integrate virtually any source into their CRM application such as Sugar. They also have many data quality components available to them to cleanse and structure data at the same time of loading them into the CRM.