Posted in March 2010

People. Process. Results.

Good day to all! This post was supposed to be done yesterday, however, I was a bit waterlogged! For those not located on the east coast of the US, Boston picked up between 5 and 7 inches of rain, and if that was not enough, I traveled to  New Jersey to enjoy the rain….again. I … Continue reading

Things I Think I Know About Social CRM…

It is amazing how quickly the marketplace around “social” fragmented into different focus areas. I guess this is to be expected. I mean, the nature of social media is pretty darn fragmented as it is. So it follows suit that the supporting market break off into several directions. I have had a lot of mildly … Continue reading

Rapid Social Sales Response by Intelligent Aggregation

This is a follow-up post from last weeks interview with Dharmesh Shah, Co-Author of Inbound Marketing and Founder of Hubspot, The series itself leads up to an even in Boston on March 23: Bridging the gap between Social Media hype and business value, sponsered by BrainSell. In addition to Dharmesh, we have an equally compelling … Continue reading

Social CRM Requires a Change in Culture

Hi – me again, guess this may actually become a regular thing. Hope you can tolerate two wise guys coming at you from the same blog – both with attitude. I wanted to get out a quick post based on some great experiences this week. The interactions were on many different channels; Twitter, Email, Skype, … Continue reading