Posted in April 2010

CRM Acceleration World Tour Kicks Off in NYC Next Week!

SugarCRM is literally EVERYWHERE this spring! Next week we kick off a series of events, on three continents to help new and existing CRM users get more value and ROI out of their CRM initiatives. In addition, we will also be providing more previews of Sugar 6, the latest and greatest when it comes to … Continue reading

A Pragmatic Approach to Social Data

Next week, at our next domestic CRM Acceleration event in NYC (May 5) I will be giving a refined version of my Social Customer presentation. Leading up to the presentation, I caught up with co-presenter Arkady Kleyner, Vice President and Co-Founder, Intricity . The theme of Arkady’s talk is data; both the sheer amount available … Continue reading

Social Data: What Defines It? And, Who Owns it?

Yesterday’s announcement got me thinking, and it certainly had a lot of us internally thinking. But, truth be told, the kind of data services story (and the implications of data ownership in a social/cloud world)  behind the Jigsaw deal has been on the minds of us social CRM thinking types for some time. In … Continue reading and Jigsaw: One Half of a Good Idea

I think I would have preferred to call this one 1/100000000000th of a good idea…but it was less catchy. Today announced it will acquire business contacts data service Jigsaw for $142m. The move leaves with the ability to pre-load CRM accounts with data – OR – which is more likely, charge a premium … Continue reading

Social CRM: “Companies” Vs. “Groups of Individuals”

One of the interesting things that popped out at me at SugarCon last week was just how well-received the social CRM track was for a company that is not necessarily selling social CRM tools per se. But from my interactions with attendees, their interest was less about buying a big social software concept, than it … Continue reading

SugarCon 2010 Recap – In a Word: Awesome!

The past three days have been a whirlwind of amazing conversations, presentations, making new connections – and just plain fun. What an amazing event, thanks to all of our customers, partners, and the industry observers who attended to help make this such an awesome gathering of minds. Some special shout outs go to Paul Greenberg, … Continue reading