Inbound Marketing Primer – Hubspot’s Dharmesh Shah at BrainSell’s Acceleration Event

I just wanted to thank everyone involved in the Boston CRM Acceleration event held last week, hosted by Sugar partner BrainSell. I had some great interactions with the speakers and attendees – it was one of the most CRM and marketing educated groups I’ve seen assembled in a while. It was great to spend time educating and discussing the value of social media and CRM, and not simply pushing products.

The highlight in my mind was seeing Dharmesh Shah of Hubspot talk about inbound marketing, and how the role of marketers is changing. The best part – as marketers we can leverage the googlization (yes, googlization) of the web and the world to promote our brands in creative, and highly cost effective ways.

Here is the first in a series of six videos of Dharmesh’s speech.  Thanks again to BrainSell for recording the event. I think everyone can learn something from these videos.

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