CRM Acceleration World Tour Kicks Off in NYC Next Week!

SugarCRM is literally EVERYWHERE this spring! Next week we kick off a series of events, on three continents to help new and existing CRM users get more value and ROI out of their CRM initiatives.

In addition, we will also be providing more previews of Sugar 6, the latest and greatest when it comes to speed, power and just plain easy to use CRM. If you haven’t seen Sugar 6 yet – you gotta get to one of these events! I guarantee you will leave a demo of Sugar 6 with at least one sense of “I can’t wait for that” having left your lips.

The first CRM Acceleration event kicks off on Wednesday next week in NYC. Hosted by our partner Intricity, this event covers some great CRM basics, as well as some future looking sessions on social CRM in addition to the Sugar 6 previews.

Check out what’s in store for the event, and register for free HERE.

Hope to see some of the Outsiders readers at these events. These are a great way to network, learn some best practices, and get in touch with some great Sugar associates and partners. See you there!