Posted in May 2010

Listening to Your Customers is not New

If listening to your customers is not new, nor is taking feedback and advancing a product based on enhancements from the field new, then I guess Social CRM is not really new. Well, ok, that part of Social CRM is not new. There is the other part, you know, the customer control of the conversation, … Continue reading

Relationships Run on Trust, not Data

Every once in a while I read an article that gets me going, in a not so good way. Well, today we hit that once, in the while. It is an article that appeared on Mashable, titled “How Data is Redefining Business Relationships”. An added aside is that I typically like the articles which appear … Continue reading

Making SugarCRM Super Secure in the Cloud: Provident Technology

I have been spending time here in Dublin with our partner Provident Technology (Gary and John are as great at hospitality as they are aiding CRM implementations – in short, awesome). They have shown me an interesting integration they have done with Cryptocard. Essentially, Provident has enabled users of SugarCRM in the cloud to leverage … Continue reading

Social CRM and the Tinkerbell Effect

The Tinkerbell effect describes those things that exist only because people believe in them (source wikipedia). I suppose I could make this really controversial and slam Social CRM as simply in existence due to vendors, and people like me who talk about it. It would be quite easy to simply state that customers are more … Continue reading

Sales is Ready for Social CRM, are you?

There have been some really good conversations, and thought provoking questions in the SCRM Pioneers Google Group, the latest topic “Is Sales ready for social media?”  got me to thinking. The real question to me is: “is Sales is ready for Social CRM?” By just just focusing on Social Media, it sounds like marketing and … Continue reading

Social Media Can Enable B2U CRM

Ok, so you’re probably saying, “What the heck is B2U?!” Before I talk about how social media comes in to play – let’s define it. We all know business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sales models. And how they have worked in the past in terms of distribution, or sell through. Also, a lot of what … Continue reading