Making SugarCRM Super Secure in the Cloud: Provident Technology

I have been spending time here in Dublin with our partner Provident Technology (Gary and John are as great at hospitality as they are aiding CRM implementations – in short, awesome).

They have shown me an interesting integration they have done with Cryptocard. Essentially, Provident has enabled users of SugarCRM in the cloud to leverage Cryptocard’s MAS solution – a cloud authentication service. This is cool on a number of levels.

First, it can help ease more people into the culture of the cloud. Cryptocard offers users the kind of security levels that financial services firms require for online banking. This takes pretty much all of the worry out of deploying anywhere outside your firewalls. And, Provident has made this a seamless part of deployment – so Sugar users can immediately take advantage.

In addition, the integration allows users to use a keyring authenticator fob, or use a soft authenticator on their mobile device. This adds a level of security but also convenience – with zero passwords to remember – you can have fast access, all the time, to your Sugar deployment in the cloud.

Just one of the cool things we’ll be seeing at the CRM Acceleration event here in Dublin on May 25th. If you are in the area and are interested in this free half-day event – register here.