Posted in July 2010

Remember, No One “Owns” a Relationship

I was going to continue the comment thread in Mitch’s last post on VRM but I think it warrants its own post. Mitch hints in the title about the “responsibility” for managing a relationship, and who has the most responsibility for a relationship. I think that whole line of thinking is flawed, for many reasons. … Continue reading

VRM, Who Has Relationship Responsibility Anyway?

We have made it through the heatwave, but it is possible that this particular author has suffered some lasting effects of the heat. While CRMOutsiders is supposed to take an objective ‘Outside-in’ view point of CRM, writing a blog post about VRM – Vendor Relationship Management might be just pushing it a little too far, … Continue reading

The Socialization of IT – Part II

In Part I of this series (it was not a series before, but now that there is a Part II…) I started to dissect a research paper, highlighted by Irving Wladawsky-Berger, where he tackles the topic of “IT in the age of the Cloud”. Mr. Wladawsky-Berger references a study on The Future of Corporate IT … Continue reading

The Socialization of IT

I know the subject line sounds kind of creepy. But, Co-conspirator Martin Schneider wrote a few weeks ago “What is ITs role in the Social CRM Revolution” and I could not help myself. Then, on this bright and sunny Monday morning, I see a post by Irving Wladawsky-Berger, where he tackles the topic of “IT … Continue reading

Transparency Is A Characteristic, Not A Goal

I have been witnessing some strange things lately, not sure if you have noticed it too. For one, it is nearly 95 degrees outside, and I live in northern Vermont. I am not used to the heat; however the heat wave might be having a impact, making people do strange things. The strangeness I am … Continue reading