Posted in September 2010

“A Great Experience is Your Best Marketing”

This week I took part in a webinar sponsored by social business platform provider blueKiwi along with Chess Media’s Jacob Morgan. It was a great talk, and you can grab a replay here. One of the interesting points (or bon mots since blueKiwi is a French company) that came out of the talk was something … Continue reading

Social CRM Misconceptions – Remix

It is only Tuesday, therefore I am going to avoid the lesson in Etymology  (‘weekly lesson in Etymology‘). Today, I decided I would push the conversation back to the core for a bit. I am currently in the Big Apple, working with a client, more details in a minute on that front. I decided to … Continue reading

Search Versus Find, There is a Difference

While at the VRM+CRM conference a few weeks ago someone (my apologies I cannot remember who) did a nice job talking for a just a few minutes about the difference between ‘Searching’ and ‘Finding’. I have never really given it much thought, but there is a rather large distinction here. Wait, it must be Wednesday, … Continue reading

Breaking the Social/Sharing – Life/Work Divide…

Mitch brings up some good points about adoption vs. adapting when it comes to social business. For many in the CRM industry, I think they see “social” as a sort of magic bullet, one that will create a scenario where seemingly overnight, their boring and ugly applications will turn into apps sales, marketing and support … Continue reading

All Hail the Late Adapters

To Adapt means to make suitable or to adjust to requirements or new/different conditions To Adopt means to to choose or take as one’s own My objective is not to make CRM Outsiders a weekly lesson in Etymology nor definitions of commonly used words. That said, I sense that some of the infighting regarding definitions … Continue reading