The One With The Most Value Wins!

It is a Monday morning here, and I am in a good mood despite the day of the week! I know you, the reader, were and are concerned about my mood! But hey, it is my absolute favorite time of year. I even woke up at 5:45am Sunday just to watch the sun rise over Mt. Mansfield, the highest local peak. The weather conditions were such ( a cool crisp morning after a good deal of rain) that the morning fog was unusually thick. This is one of a series of pictures I took along the way. SH102586-1 I had plans to get a lot reading done yesterday, but the day was just too nice. After the early morning, I headed out to some local harvest festivals and capped it off with some late afternoon photos.  Ok, I realize this is an ‘Outsiders’ blog, but you are probably waiting for the point – sorry about the brief excursion. But, that is kind of the point. Where you spend your time, your valuable, precious, cannot get it back resource is a really important topic. Whether it is your sales team, marketing team, support team or executive team – yes, your executive team! Do you spend enough time thinking things through, without distractions?

Spending Time is the Same as Spending Money!

I am working with a client, in New York, some really smart people, a small, agile, people wear many hats and all work to get things done kind of place. I am helping them with marketing, customer engagement and where on the social web they should spend energy. After working for a while to convince the team that they needed to take advantage of the social web, I now feel as though I created a little bit of a monster and am spending time reeling them back in. After doing a little research, they seem that partners and competitors are on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The other firms also have a blog, a YouTube account and comment on other people’s stuff.  The real question is where is the best place to begin, how to start slow, understand the value they are getting back from the efforts? The answer to the question, without getting into a real “ROI” debate is where is the best return on you time, which in the era of the Social Web is not only the most valuable commodity, but the one people do not focus on enough. I value your time for stopping by and reading. I consider the time you spend reading, and do my best to entertain a little and give value back.

Back to the question of where should my client spend energy? The answer is very simple, where ever their customers are located and choose to engage. To help you figure that our, who do you trust? Who can help you make that determination? Spend time reading from sources and people you trust, that is what I do.  I also spend time reading article referred to me by friends. For example, The Economist,  has an interesting article about “Untangling the Social Web“.  Or, if you want to dive in a little deeper, I was pointed in the direction of Peter Auditore’s article about measurement and influence. Measuring, untangling, Return all important topics, you need to determine which ones are most important to you.  All I can say is that, like a day with sunrise – get stuff done – sunset, each initiative you spend energy on needs to have a beginning, middle and an end.  If you jump into something, and you are a little confused about the middle, and the end is unclear at best, why spend time on it?SH103047

A a consumer of the Social Web, whether it is Facebook, Flickr or YouTube you think about where you spend your time. Maybe it is reading the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times or the Sunday Comics, each one has a purpose. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers, where are they? Where can you provide the most value to them, as that is where they are going to spend their time.  Here was the end of my day yesterday in Vermont, one of those top 10 days the weatherman talks about every few weeks 😉