Using Social Media? Tell Us About It!

Are you searching social networks for leads? Connecting with potential partners on LinkedIn? Are your support agents reaching troubled customers with Twitter?

If you are using social media as part of your CRM strategy – we want to hear from you!  We have put together a short survey to learn how companies and individuals are leveraging social data in their business life.

So, wether you have a full-scale company wide social CRM agenda, or are simply a savvy ales rep using LinkedIn to eliminate cold calls – We’d love to hear from you.

Take the short survey here: Social Media Survey

In addition to providing some valuable data on social media usage, you can qualify for a Free iPod Shuffle prize pack!

I will share the results of the survey on Outsiders once complete. Thanks for providing insight!

4 thoughts on “Using Social Media? Tell Us About It!

  1. Social CRM is a redundant phrase – kind of like Social networking. You can’t one without the other. If you are using social media as part of your business then you are being social and are always keeping an eye out for possible leads and opportunities . But to distinguish CRM from Social CRM is really splitting hairs and creating a new set of unneeded tools, and unneeded costs for a business.

  2. Thanks for the comments Patrick and Elisa.

    Elisa – I am hearing more and more “social sales engineering” strategies, or ad hoc social sales activity using Facebook or LinkedIn.

    Curious to see if more people find faster access through Facebook, but better information via LinkedIn.

  3. Facebook is really making my business too and I truly agree with Patrick also since he is right saying that both are somehow linked to each other…on the other hand I have just started with linked in and hope to see some from there also…as the start is good I hope it will be better also…

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